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Let’s talk lips!  As you know, I love me a good lip product; Lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, lip liner, and especially liquid lipstick. You name it, and I NEED IT.

I am a huge fan of Annie Lawless. She is a total girl boss. Annie Lawless is the co-creator of Suja juice (my favorite) and creator of the blog You guys, she’s gorgeous and so edgy. Anyways, she recently launched a beauty line named Lawless Beauty. And naturally, I was intrigued and had to try it.

Lawless Beauty is  “natural AF” which means “ALWAYS FREE of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients, as well as ingredients that have been linked to the formation of certain cancers.” None of our ingredients are known to be cancer-causing or endocrine disrupting. Any synthetic ingredients we use in our formulas are naturally derived to help create beautiful, non-toxic products that look, feel, and perform at the level you need and expect them to…Many companies are marketing their products as “natural” by replacing ingredients with ones that are better, but still toxic. When we say “natural,” we mean it. We really are Natural AF.” (Lawless Beauty)

There is one statistic that was on the website that totally caught my eye and got me thinking about all my makeup ingredients, “5 lbs of makeup chemicals are absorbed by your skin each year” You guys!!!!! Like what??? I seriously find that so gross and worrisome.

Super interesting right?

Anyways Lawless Beauty’s first launch was liquid lipstick, and I was like sign me up. Liquid lipstick that is all natural and long lasting?! yes ma’am! They came out with eight shades <- that are all cute boys names! LOL  In addition to being “natural  AF” the lipsticks are described as, “A high-pigment, ultra nourishing, soft matte liquid lipstick, with a smooth finish and lightweight comfort. This buildable formula hydrates the lips with natural emollient ingredients to provide a long-wearing, yet indulgently creamy experience. This breakthrough formula does not cake or crack, and fades evenly so you can effortlessly re-apply on the go.”

Ok cool, so I had to give these a try and ordered George.

On the website, George is described as a warm taupe nude, and it is precisely that.

without flash

with flash

Here is the thing guys, I really liked this Liquid Lipstick. The color was super pretty and very flattering on my Mediterranean olive skin. The finish is a soft matte, which you guys already know I prefer over the super matte finish. It felt very comfortable on the lips. Not once in the last two months, I have tried it, did it dry out my lips, crack or flake off. I almost felt that is was very hydrating for a liquid lipstick.  It smells so good, kind of like apples. George wore about 5 hours on me before I felt like I had to reapply. Reapplication was awesome because it did not cake up or ball up. It has become my go-to lipstick and I love to keep it in my purse. So, guys, Lawless Beauty is totally TBGR approved!

Check out Lawless Beauty for yourself

Have you tried Lawless Beauty? What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

True beauty starts within and within you are beautiful!







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