Weekly Favorites: Valentines Day Makeup Edition

Hello Everyone! Can you believe tomorrow is February 1st! Like Where did you go January!? Anyways the first half of February means Valentines Day prep. I think it’s such a cute holiday to spend with your loves, whether that is a spouse, your child, or your best girlfriend. It’s just fun!

So the other day I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and caught a glimpse of Kendall’s makeup and I thought that it was the perfect for an effortless Valentine’s day look.


I mean, how perfect is her makeup? I definitely want to recreate this for Valentine’s day, I think it would be so gorge!

Let’s start with SKIN-

We need something with a natural glowy finish but still good coverage-


We need a matte mid-tone matte brown color that just adds a light wash of warmth to the lids and a little gold for the inner corner of the eye to add glow

These palettes will definitely have both colors-

Of course, add a little liner. A small cat eye flick never hurt anyone!


I feel like a look like this needs some sultry lashes to finish the look.


Eyebrows make or break a makeup look! WE must always make sure they are on fleek!


There are so many red lips on the market! However, these are my faves!

What Makeup Look are you gonna do for Valentines Day? Let me know below!


Beauty comes from within and within YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



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  1. I love Kendall!! She always looks so effortless with and without makeup! I’m definitely looking forward to creating a range of different valentines inspired looks! Very excited! ✨

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