Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey Guys,

Hope all is well. I’m so excited because today I got more Caramel Highlights in my hair, I can’t wait to show you all. However, while I was at the salon, I realized Valentines Day is NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!! That’s like crazy soon!  So I put together this little gift guide to help guide us( mostly me) through this Valentine’s Day.

-For Him-

As you may have noted from previous gift guides, I love gifts for my husband. He mostly wears and uses everything I get him, so it makes it so fun for me.

-Under $100-

-For the Kiddos-

This year I am totally going get Jasmine something too! I think besides the usual making dessert together; I would be cute to give her a little something from both Mommy and Daddy!

-Treat yourself-

Don’t forget ya’ll; We must always remember to treat ourselves with a little .:: something something::.

What are some of your gift ideas? Let me know below!

Beauty starts within and within you are Beautiful!




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