Let’s talk Nudes

August 8, 2018

Hello my beauties!

This week is Jasmine’s week off of school and it has been so fun spending time with her. I’m not gonna lie it’s soooo exhausting sometimes but I also know these days are not gonna last so I have to cherish them. We are going to Disneyland today! Wish me luck! lol!

So let’s talk nudes! Nude lipsticks, that is 😉

I freaken love nudes! It’s my go-to color!  I have to admit it has taken me a while to find the correct shade of nude for my olive skin. However, once I found it- there was No stopping me!

Nude Lips go with every eye look whether bold or natural, and they look good on all occasions whether you are going to a  wedding or to a business meeting. Nudes are always in!

So since this blog basically serves as my creative outlet and my “excuse” for excessive shopping; I have broken down my favorite nudes into categories of finish and product!


.::Lipsticks (satin or natural finish)::.




What are your favorite nudes? let me know below!

Beauty Starts Within and Within You ARE Beautiful!

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