About Jennifer



My name is Jennifer, Welcome to my blog. I am a believer in Jesus, a wifey, and a mommy to a beautiful, extremely intelligent, and curious 3 year old daughter who is such a joy to be around. Growing up I was always the wallflower, a girl who is quiet, shy, and most of the time goes unnoticed. However, I have always had a true passion and love for all things fashion and beauty. My interest in a healthy lifestyle came later as I understood that the ultimate beauty comes from a healthy body and a good diet.
I have been wanting to start a blog forever just to have my personal space to express who I am, and share my thoughts, opinions, and reviews on all things beauty, fashion, and life; My own personal La-La land.
This blog has been a such an adventure so far, it has pushed to explore my personal fashion as well as places around me to take pictures. It has been a super fun experiment for my husband and I as he is my photographer for most of my pictures and my biggest supporter.
What to expect from The Beauty Girl Report? a simple and honest chat with ya gal pal and a glimpse into my totally “healthy” obsession with all things beauty, skincare, and fashion and life.

Real beauty starts within and within YOU ARE Beautiful!

Contact me at Jennifer@thebeautygirlreport.com