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Happy Friday!  So one of my friends just came back from the Imats last weekend, and I told her before she went to take notes on makeup trends. So today we met up and talked and she told me what she learned. First off,  full coverage makeup is out it’s all about light coverage foundation. <<<<<<<< UMMM what?! This makes me so nervous!!!  I need full coverage! She also said glitter is in but to be worn alone not paired with liner or lashes.< I can live with that.

What do you guys think of these trends?

So last week, I got The Murad Nutrient Charged Water. It is described as, “An intensely hydrating oil-free water gel locks moisture to skin and increases retention for up to five days. This nutrient-charged blend of peptides, vitamins, and minerals strengthens the skin’s barrier for plump, smooth skin. Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, and E alleviate dryness, provide anti-wrinkle benefits, and soothe skin. Silicon, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium support healthy-looking skin tone and texture. Oligopeptide-1, Oligopeptide-2, Polypeptide-1, Polypeptide-9, Polypeptide-11 visibly repair and restore damaged skin.”

Dr. Murad says, ” Eat Your Water is a phrase I have been using for many years. Staying sufficiently hydrated isn’t just about drinking eight glasses of water a day. When we eat more water-rich foods, we absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the nutritional structure of these foods. Slow absorption means that water in food stays in our bodies longer to optimize hydration. The same rule applies to the skin. Applying nutrient-rich ingredients will strengthen the skin barrier and help our skin trap and hold onto more water, longer. That’s how the formula for Nutrient-Charged Water Gel was born.”

Based on a clinical study of 20 people:
– 100% showed skin barrier repair in 30 minutes

Sounds incredible right?

To prove the effectiveness of this product, Murad issued the Water for Days Challenge.


  1. Eat your Water- Fill your plate with water-rich foods to hold onto more hydration
  2. Drink Your Water- skip soda and sip water throughout the day to flush out toxins and boost energy
  3. Wear your Water- apply Nutrient-Charged Water Gel Am and PM. It locks in water for plumper, smoother skin.


First impressions

This gel is so lightweight and sinks into the skin instantly.  It didn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. It worked great under makeup. It has a light fragrance that I actually liked. However, I don’t typically mind scented skincare. I even introduced it to my husband, and he liked how lightweight it was.

After Water for Days Challenge:

As far as the first two conditions of this Challenge, I got down them down. I always drink a lot of water and eat veggies. Now on to the third part: Wear your Water. So I used this, for 5 days morning and night. OMG I am impressed! My skin looks so radiant and soft, it’s crazy. Even my esthetician commented on how my skin looked. I also used it on my husband, and his skin looks so good! It’s so plump, soft, and glowy!

Check out Murad and take the Water for Days Challenge for yourself>>

What do you guys think of this? What is a product that you have used that has made a dramatic difference in your skin? Let  me know below!

Beauty starts within and within YOU  ARE BEAUTIFUL!

**This product was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.  However as with all of my posts, I only recommend products,  I truly love and would buy for myself. You guys are my friends and the reason I blog! So ALWAYS expect 100% honesty and transparency.  <3


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